Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lisa's Cow

Grazing on West Shokan Heights
11 x 14
oil on panel

Started as a plein air painting and recently finished in my studio, this is a simple painting of Lisa's Cow!

Lisa is my cousin, well, second cousin once removed to be exact. 

She keeps her cows and chickens on a lovely old farm that has been in our "Eckert" family for many, many generations.  Located on the corner of West Shokan Heights Rd. and High Point Mountain Rd, West Shokan,  it's a place that always makes me feel peaceful.  My grandfather's Uncle Andrew built the house. He and his brother, my grandfather, Russell Eckert, were Civil War veterans.  Russell's house is across High Point Road.  

I love that she has animals grazing here again. Her barn is on the upper road and I had to include it as it sort of peeked out from the big tree line of evergreens.  Her two cows didn't pay me much mind as I stood out there on the side of the road for a couple hours in the hot summer sun last year.

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