Saturday, January 14, 2017

A couple of works in progress and it's only January!

 Roeliff Jansen Kill
I am almost finished with this 8 x 10 oil.  The lower right corner needs a tiny bit of work, and then I'll stick a fork in it and call it done. I'll post more about this location when I've finished. 
As I've posted before, we like to visit the 1000 Islands on the St. Lawrence River every year. Some of our friends join us.  The last few years, we've had a campsite next to our neighbors from home. The sites at Kring State Park look out on Goose Bay. The little island in the watercolor above has just one house on it! I think it's called Lone Pine. It's meticulously kept. My friend, Judy, takes beautiful wildlife photos. She's been very busy capturing the goings on in the reeds at the coastline. There was a snake spying on the nest of Red Winged Blackbirds. I'm sure he was waiting for his chance to grab a baby. The adult birds were very aggressive and giving him a hard time.
Judy has also spotted the busy river rats or whatever those little weasel like characters are.

I'm thinking the painting is close to finished. I started it in plein air, but have worked on it a little bit at home.  I will crop it and cut a mat since the size is not standard.

Another watercolor from Kring Point in the works. Working from a photo I took on the riverside.  I blocked in the big shapes and local color. Next, I plan to use pastels to adjust all the values and finish it. Not sure if I like it yet. Too early to tell!

This one is an oil on panel.  Quickly blocked in and working from a photo. It's a swimming hole on the Bushkill. Don't want to say much more, it's a surprise. 

2017: working on some new paintings & finishing old ones.

Rokeby Fields
watercolor & pastel
Plein air painted at the Rokeby estate on the Hudson (Astors)

John Deere Green
8 x 10
oil on panel
Plein air at the Herrick Farm on Rt. 212 Woodstock/Saugerties

The Mac
Mini class with old friend, Melanie Hall.

These three were done last year. Just now taking photos, still battling the camera. My fault, I need to practice and put forth more effort in the setup.