Thursday, September 3, 2015

Plein Air duo

The calendar says that the summer is winding down, but the thermometer doesn't agree!  We're having temps in the high 80s and still using our pool.  The best part of extended summer, however, is the extra time it gives me to paint outdoors.  

I've had a great summer of painting!  The month of July was spent taking a plein air class with 
the same group of ladies I've been with for the last three summers. It's Kate McGloughlin's "Simplifying the landscape" class.  I will post some painting from that soon, I promise!

No sooner did that class end than a brand new class started in Woodstock.  This one is with a fabulous local artist I've admired for awhile.  I signed up immediately when I saw it would be on 
Thursday mornings.  The artist is Keith Gunderson. When he holds a brush it looks like he's conducting a symphony!

Below are two recent paintings from that class.  The top one is the small falls located on the Tannery Brook in the village of Woodstock. 8 x 10 oil on panel. I don't know if I've finished it or not, but I think it is!  Sometimes I have to look at them for awhile before deciding that. 

 The second one, below, is a glimpse into life on the reservoir on Zena Road.  There's a sweet little
pump house tucked into the woods and the reservoir is home to a couple of Blue Herons.  We were lucky to watch one from a distance.  They look so prehistoric when flying overhead.
This one is also 8 x 10, oil on a canvas panel.