Thursday, October 15, 2015

Oriole 9, Woodstock NY

8 x 10
oil on panel

Part of my plein air outings have included village scenes in Woodstock.  As the leaves are turning and the air is cooling off, we find really enjoyable moments painting outside.
Last week, it was just my instructor and myself on the Village Green.  When you get there early, like 9AM, you pretty much have this triangle in the middle of the village to yourself.  As it gets closer to 11AM and the shops open, the characters begin to gather!  

I was good until about noon, when a bunch of people  with backpacks and dogs that were growling at each other arrived.  I quickly packed up and called it a day!  
I had gotten close to finishing anyway, except for a few suggestions from Keith in my mind. I decided to finish it up at home. 
I will post his painting as well, you'll see what an amazing painter he is!  

Mine is called Oriole 9.  That's the name of the restaurant with the orange doors located on Tinker St.  The name comes from the old telephone exchange letters that ended sometime in the late 60s, early 70s, I think.  Woodstock was "oriole 9" which is the full name of the exchange that began OL9-xxxx.  Today, the letters are gone and their telephone numbers begin with 679.
In Olive, we were "Oliver 7", or OL7-xxxx. Today we are 657. I think Phoenicia was "Overland 8".  Kingston had a couple, one was "Federal 8".  If we called within our exchange, we didn't dial the first three numbers. Phoenicia and Woodstock were long distance for us to call, so we didn't spend much time on the phone with our friends.  
Boy, has time changed and I'm dating myself :).

Yes, this is Keith's painting. Awesome, isn't it?  I probably should know better than to post it on the same page as mine, LOL!  

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