Thursday, November 13, 2014


The Catskill Center is having an art exhibit at their location in Arkville. Called "Hemlocks: The backbone of the Catskills". It's an attempt to help bring awareness to a serious problem facing the Catskills, invasive species. To learn more about this problem, click CRISP.

I already blogged that they accepted my painting for the exhibit. Here's a photo on their website showing my painting hanging next to a description. I'm confused about the opening reception. It said it was Thursday November 11. Well, November 11 was a Tuesday! And I didn't know about it so I didn't attend either Tuesday or Thursday!

The show will hang until April 24, 2015.

Another current exhibit is the annual students' exhibit at the Woodstock School of Art.  I was in this last year.  This time I was able to submit two paintings, because I took two different plein air classes.
Here's a photo of me with mine and Carol LaMonda with hers.  She wound up selling hers shortly afterwards!  My friend, Lois Osptapczuk, also has a painting in the show, but was unable to attend the opening. It runs until Dec. 20.