Sunday, March 30, 2014

Travel art case

Today I went to Michael's craft store because I had a coupon to use up! I know that's a stupid reason, but I hate to throw them away. I guess that little marketing trick works.
I actually didn't see anything I had to have. They are carrying their own brand of paints and canvases and to be honest, I don't think much of them. I would rather patronize our local art store, Catskill Art Supply, but uptown shopping isn't as convenient as those repulsive malls.
I did score a great deal, however! They had marked down these black art cases that caught my eye. There were three kinds. One for oils, one for acrylics and a watercolor version. I opened the Velcro tab and checked them out. A couple pencils, eraser, paints, palette, brushes and even the small canvases as well as watercolor paper was included. Now, the quality of the paint and brushes is quite low, but the case is great and I think they'll be handy to take in the car. If I get stuck somewhere with my husband and he gets long winded with some long lost friend he runs into, I can get one of these out and do some small studies.

I didn't bother with the oil case because the supplies were not impressive at all. I did get two of the acrylic ones and will give my soon to be 8 yr old granddaughter one of them.
Did I mention that they $2.99 each??

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gearing up

I've been away for a few weeks and thought I'd have plenty of time to paint. Never got the pochade out once!  I could kick myself.  I sometimes have a hard time focusing on it when I have so much going on around me.  Today, I bought a new brush specifically for signing my name!  I like my signature to be unobtrusive and you need a fine brush for that.  I also picked up a pack of 8 x 10 canvas boards.  That's a good size for painting en plein aire.  So, now that our weather is beginning to turn the corner, maybe I can get inspired and create some spring time paintings!