Monday, December 15, 2014

Buttermilk Falls, The Peekamoose

I'm happy to report that this painting of the Buttermilk Falls has sold.  
I have always loved this waterfall.  In the summer the water roars over the cliff, but this time of year it is little more than a trickle. I chose to paint it at low water, putting more importance to the rock formations than the water.  
It's located on what they used to call "The Gulf Road".  Unpaved and scary until not so many years ago. Now so many people pass through that it's like a super highway! 


  1. Well, you did a good job, because that was the first thing I noticed, the rock! That and the height of the top jutting piece. Amazing how many paintings you sell!!! Good for you. :-)

  2. Thanks, Sandra! Glad you saw what I intended.