Friday, October 31, 2014

Cheryl and Sandra, this one's for you!

I switched my tools from brushes to needles recently, because I wanted to make a baby quilt.
The deadline was my daughter-in-law's baby shower. Her due date was Oct. 24th, but the shower was the end of Sept. Unknown gender!

I am NOT an expert quilter by any means so I needed to make something that wouldn't bog me down.
I purchased a couple of charm packs without a plan in mind from one of my favorite quilt shops, The Patchwork Co in Windham, NY.

Then I found an easy peasy pattern on this blog: with thread in hand.  Like I said, I had no plan which is typical of me.  Got the top done, but had no backing or binding. Took another trip to Windham (which is a beautiful mountain town in the Catskills) this time with my DH in his "little red car". That's what my 4 yr old grandson, Joe, calls it.

I bought the cutest backing fabric! But of course you don't know that because my photo is blurry!
 It has the tiniest diaper pins on a green background! Ok, get home add the back and plan on binding it with the same fabric only to realize I didn't buy enough. GRrrrrr.  Ed's fault, he was waiting on the front porch of the shop tapping his foot while I shopped and that always flusters me!

Not wanting to make yet another trip to Windham or Kingston,  I dug in my stash and found a darker shade of green for the binding. It's ok. Not great, but ok. I used Kona snow for the white strips.

The quilting is simply row after row in a "rustic" channel style, no measuring. You see, ahem, artists like myself do not strive for perfection, we like random! LOL!
 After washing, it developed all those crinkles we all seem to like now. My grandmother would have said it looks used!

I really wanted to attach the binding using the method my friend Cheryl uses on Project Linus quilts.  She attaches it to the back of the quilt, folds it to the front and then uses a zig zag on the front side. I was nervous about doing it that way, so I did the usual. Sew on the front, turn to the back and hand stitch it. I know the zig zag would hold up better during multiple washings, so the next one I will try Cheryl's method.  After a consult with her, I now understand how she gets a neat stitch down.

I wish I'd used my camera instead of phone to take the photos, but you get the idea. I can't, for the life of me, remember the name or designer of the charm pack! Many of the prints were not baby fabrics. I knew my D.I.L. would like that. After all, she has a Jerry Garcia doll hanging from the ceiling in the baby's room.  
The quilt has a fair amount of pink in it, which turns out to be a good thing, because my darling baby turned out to be a girl!  Lillian Florence Kahil! 

She was just a couple hrs or so old in these photos! Born on her due date at home.  A whopping 8lb 6 oz.

I need to explain the shout out to Cheryl and Sandra.  As far as I know, you two are the only ones who read my blog! Just kidding, I know lurkers abound and since I sell paintings from the blog,  I know they are out there.
Cheryl and Sandra are my ex-friends.   They both are EX- school teachers. (Yikes, I hope I've used good grammar in this post).  They both are EXpert quilters and so full of knowledge which they are happy to share.

The other things they have in common are:
they both make me laugh and are fun to be with!
And they both are beautiful!
And they both have husbands named Joe.
And those husbands both love cars!

I hope you both are feelin' the love, that's it, back to painting :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

This barn and fields have proven to be  popular subjects!  Someone purchased this today. That's both paintings sold of this farm called Chapel Farm.  I only learned the name of it today from a woman who grew up on this farm. I believe it belonged or still belongs to Mohonk Mt. House.

I had just taken it to be hung in an exhibit in my town and wasn't even labeled yet! So, tomorrow I'll take it down and ship it out.  I've got a different one in mind for replacement.  The exhibit we have is at the American Legion Hall in Shokan on Mountain Rd. We hope it will be a permanent display. I think we have somewhere around 25 paintings up and they enhance the interior of the building. Or at least WE think the exhibit does. We'll find out from the boy scouts, senior citizens and legionnaires if they share our enthusiasm.

I love this farm. I am making a note to self that I MUST get out there next spring or summer and paint it again. I like the view from up and around the bend.  It shows our most beloved Catskills in the distance.

Friday, October 17, 2014

A new show!

I just got notified today that my painting "Palen Tannery, Kaaterskill Creek" has been accepted in a show at the Erpf Center in Arkville.

"The Catskill Center and the Catskill Regional Invasive Species Partnership are creating an exhibit about a very important Catskill Region tree, the Eastern Hemlock. The exhibit will include information about the history of the tree in the Catskills, its affects on the local culture, threats to the survival of the Hemlock, and current activities to help the hemlock thrive once again in the region."

I am very pleased to be included! Now I have to frame it.....

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Palen Tannery, Kaaterskill Creek

Palen Tannery, Kaaterskill Creek
8 x 10
Oil on board

As I've mentioned before, I love local history.  I've been spending a lot of time painting from old photos to try and recapture locations that no longer exist. Living near the Ashokan Reservoir and collecting lots of old photos of the towns destroyed has given me lots of material to work with. 

I also love the Palenville area and the places where the Hudson River School artists painted.  I came across an old sketch of a tannery that once stood on the Kaaterskill Creek.  Much research revealed that it was built and operated by Gilbert Palen. Now it makes sense where the town name came from!  
Whether the old tannery really looked like it does in my painting doesn't matter to me.  I wanted to capture what I thought the light would look like streaming into the narrow valley. The once plentiful hemlock trees had all been cut at one time.  The bark was chewed up and steamed or boiled.  The liquid was used to tan leather. Much of it was shoe leather!

Friday, October 10, 2014

She's Gone

Mountain Rest
11 x 14

 I woke up this morning to find that someone had purchased the painting I called Mountain Rest.
It's a landscape with a barn in it. More than that, it's the beautiful site you see when driving up to Mohonk Mt. House.  My friends lived there about 50 yrs ago when they were expecting their first child. Spring Farm. 

There are a few mixed feelings!  I don't usually get too attached to my paintings, but this one was special.  
It was the first one to get accepted into a major juried show.  It has been in a bunch of group shows.
I've had a friend and a friend of a friend want to purchase it, but didn't. I held firm on the price. 

I had it priced so it wouldn't sell quickly. It's hung in my living room since I painted it and of the 100s of paintings I've done, this was my favorite. It was made into greeting cards. I'll have to dig out another painting for the blank spot on my wall. 

So, now it will relocate to California! Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled when I sell a painting, especially to someone I don't know.  Friends and relatives are always gracious and kind and liberal with praise, but a sale to a stranger is an unbiased pat on the back. Thank you, thank you! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Wedding Barn

The Wedding Barn
5 x 7
oil on board

I'm off to an art show at the Woodstock Farmers' Market this afternoon and I'm taking this little painting.  It was one of three paintings I did the weekend of my painting workshop at the WSA.

It shows an old, long barn on a hill at the David and Claudia Waruch farm in Kerhonkson.  We've painted there several times before and it's always a favorite.  In September, the fields were already changing colors and I did this one in shades of yellow. Yellow ochre, naples yellow deep and burnt sienna.  

It's called the Wedding Barn, because the Waruchs' daughter had her reception there!  I would love to see those photos.