Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thorn Preserve, Woodstock NY

"Thorn Preserve"
8 x 10

Another great workshop with Kate from the Woodstock School of Art.  Today was day one. I managed to complete this landscape enduring high humidity and a lot of sunshine.  I think it was 86 degrees out!
We went on location to the Thorn Preserve in Woodstock. 
 The Thorn Preserve is a recent addition to the protected lands managed by the Catskill Center.  Will never be developed.  Beautiful views of Overlook Mt. 

We thought it would rain and came prepared to move into the studio at the school, but we didn't get a drop. Truth is, we could use a good rain.
But not tomorrow!  Day two will be at the Waruch farm where I painting last summer and this past July.  A favorite location of mine, it includes acres of fields and old barns and outbuildings.  
The best part of all is the host, Claudia.  She is the most gracious woman I've ever met.  She puts out a spread for us in the morning, including a fire in the big stone outdoor fireplace.  
I'll post what I paint there if I like it! 

At this workshop, two of my friends are joining me. Carol and Lois. Maybe I can get a photo of their paintings to share with you. 

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