Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Blue Hole Swimming in Rondout Creek Peekamoose Catskill Mts.

The Blue Hole
at Peekamoose
8 x 10

Haven't posted recently and this painting has been finished for a very long time!  My friend, Linda, and I took a seven mile ride up my road and over the mountain to this swimming hole.  We set up our easels and it was a little hard to concentrate with so many people around!  A nice guy and his dad stopped to talk to me.  I noticed the Australian accent right away.  I asked them how on earth they ever found the Blue Hole.  "Swimming holes dot org" the guy said.  Well, no wonder our secret is out.  
This favorite swimming hole was featured in Travel and Leisure a couple years ago as part of an article about the best swimming holes in the US.  When I was a kid, this place was only known by the locals.  
The water is icy cold all year long.  It's very deep, like 11' in one spot.  From the road, far above, the water is a blue green color, and I tried to match that in my painting.  What I didn't show are the people that were draped all over the rocks and the big black lab swimming! 
I've never been able to jump in.  I'm afraid my heart would stop.  My kids have and my husband has, though. They bobbed up and screamed!  It sure cools your core down quickly!

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