Tuesday, April 22, 2014

High Point Mt Sunset on Ashokan Reservoir Catskill Mts NY

Ashokan Moon Rising
8" x 10"
oil on canvas

Paint is still wet on this one.  I was inspired to paint this from a photo I've had for some time.  I am not comfortable with night paintings, so I decided to stretch myself and do a couple.  I also finished one of the Bushkill Creek with the moon rising.  I'll post that later.
This was fun to paint, in fact I felt it painted itself!  For those who aren't familiar with High Point Mountain, it is the iconic mountain that rises up over the Ashokan Reservoir.  When driving over the Hudson River, you can see it off in the distance.  It's like a guardian.  There used to be a fabulous view from the summit, but the trees are growing so quickly that you can't see much now.  I've climbed it twice.  I've also climbed it from my side and instead of going to the top, we dropped down into Samsonville and walked to my parents home.  You have to go over private property to do that, but the owners are friends and gave us permission.  
There are lots of stories about High Point.  Over 100 yrs ago people would come up here just to climb it for a picnic. I once found an old soda bottle as evidence!  Geo. Hauck & Sons, Brew'g Co., Rondout NY. On the bottom it says "this bottle not to be sold".  


  1. Sigh. Just stunning, Janette. Surreal in its feel. I especially love the light on the water. You nailed it. I remember this mountain from pics John showed us of the reservoir!

  2. Thank you, Sandra! This one painted itself. I just finished one of John kayaking with you. You probably took the photo. Will post it soon!

  3. You sound like so many authors I've heard say their characters write their own stories, or that the poem just wrote itself... clearly you're tapping into a mainstream of beautiful, incredible creativity that I firmly believe is circling our Earth. Only a select few have the ability, the "higher level" to tap into it. You are one, most definitely.