Sunday, April 13, 2014

Brodhead Morning West Shokan in Catskill Mts NY plein air

I had this little painting in my studio for a couple summers. I recently relocated the studio from upstairs to downstairs!
So much better.

I painted this with my painter friend, Linda. We each set up along Brodhead Road in West Shokan. Yes, I used my artistic license to alter the size of the road. At one time, this road probably was this narrow. It led to the villages under the Ashokan Rservoir. Now it starts at High Point Mt. Road and ends at Rt. 28A.

It's still a quiet road and a location we both love to paint!. Great view of the Wagon Wheel Notch, not shown in this painting.
Maybe another?
 5" x 7" 
oil on panel



  1. How much is it? Do you have to click "Add to cart" to find out?

    1. I'm asking $50. free shipping. You can click on it, but you aren't committed! I have to work on my paypal buttons. Blogger doesn't like my browser and it's hard to post photos, etc. I have IE 11, they don't support that newest version.