Sunday, March 30, 2014

Travel art case

Today I went to Michael's craft store because I had a coupon to use up! I know that's a stupid reason, but I hate to throw them away. I guess that little marketing trick works.
I actually didn't see anything I had to have. They are carrying their own brand of paints and canvases and to be honest, I don't think much of them. I would rather patronize our local art store, Catskill Art Supply, but uptown shopping isn't as convenient as those repulsive malls.
I did score a great deal, however! They had marked down these black art cases that caught my eye. There were three kinds. One for oils, one for acrylics and a watercolor version. I opened the Velcro tab and checked them out. A couple pencils, eraser, paints, palette, brushes and even the small canvases as well as watercolor paper was included. Now, the quality of the paint and brushes is quite low, but the case is great and I think they'll be handy to take in the car. If I get stuck somewhere with my husband and he gets long winded with some long lost friend he runs into, I can get one of these out and do some small studies.

I didn't bother with the oil case because the supplies were not impressive at all. I did get two of the acrylic ones and will give my soon to be 8 yr old granddaughter one of them.
Did I mention that they $2.99 each??


  1. Hi Janette,
    I am just catching up on this post today. Thanks for sharing! I will be over by our Michael's today (free standing on a 4 store strip mall is a bit better than fighting the repulsive big malls and their parking also) and see if they have any. If so, at 2.99, I will get an acrylic art case for my 2 daughters and a 9 yr old family friend that sometimes paints with us. If I can score them for 2.99, I may be able to use the coupon to purchase some paint. I may even get the watercolor case as I'd like to push my oldest daughter towards experimenting with watercolor.
    I enjoy your painting and Shokan area history tidbits. Thanks for sharing both on your blog!
    Kindest Regards,
    Janet Dillon Kortrey (formerly West Hurley; Atlanta since 1992)

  2. Hi Janet! I hope they still have some when you go. They were definitely a final clearance. I gave one of the acrylic cases to my granddaughter who will turn 8 on May 4th. She loved it! I told her we'll paint together "en plein air" this summer when we take her camping. Glad you are reading my blog. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is other than my friend, Cheryl! BTW, folks at parish council say hello! LOL!

  3. Hi Janette, They had two oil cases left and both had paint tubes that were partially dried, so I passed on the purchase. I enjoyed your Shultis barn. Of course I went to HS with some Shultis'. A Shultis and a Shultis sister-in-law ran the daycare that my eldest daughter went to when I worked. Nice people. The Shultis in the parish that's in the parish was a friend of mine. Surely he would not care to know that his first name escapes me :( I'm not sure I know who is on the parish council these days except for you and Fr. George. Perhaps Bob or Sue Curran, Chris Mollineli, Ray or Alice Haberski, Linda or Larry Thomas. But a hearty "Hello!" back to the folks! I do enjoy your blog and your paintings very much! Take care, Janet

  4. Mike Shultis. LOL, I'm getting to the age where i have to reach for names - although I'd rather think it's because I haven't seen him in about 12 yrs.