Monday, June 10, 2013

EAC reception

As it turned out, I did go to the reception in Easton, CT for the show. It was very nice.  I met some extremely nice, extremely talented people. I wish that community were closer and I would join the arts council.  Easton is very near Newtown.  When we drove through Newtown, I couldn't help but think about the tragedy in December.  If something like that could happen in a place like Newtown, CT, it could happen anywhere. 

We stayed overnight at the Ethan Allen hotel in Danbury, because it was Memorial weekend and neither of us felt like driving home after the reception.  On June 15th, we will take the trip for the 3rd time and retrieve the painting.  Since that's our 39th anniversary, I'm hoping to get a nice dinner out of it!

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