Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blackeyed Susans & Pitcher Still Life

Blackeyed Susans and Pitcher
14" x 18"
Oil on canvas

My latest still life of blackeyed susans or rudbeckia. It's dry enough to have a temporary varnish applied.  I love doing these.  The challenge of getting the object on the canvas in as realistic way as I know how.  I love lost edges and changing colors from cool to warm in order to show depth. I swapped out several items until I settled on the pitcher, the flowers an orange and the little wooden box. No symbolism here for me.  I just liked the arrangement and the pitcher was a gift from my brother, Mike, and his wife, Mary Lou many years ago.  It says Williamsburg VA on the bottom.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mountain Rest

Mountain Rest
11 x 14
Whenever we go to Lake Mohonk Mt. House, we always go through High Falls and take Mountain Rest Road up to the top.(Also known as Mohonk Rd) Near a sharp turn in the road is the most gorgeous old barn and smaller structures.  Our friends lived there for a brief time back in the 60's.  Those are the Shawangunk Mountains in the distance.  Here is my version of that old farm painted from a photo shot at the edge of the road by my friend, Marylin.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lois' artwork

My dear friend, Lois Ostapczuk, is standing in front of a couple pieces of her artwork that is currently on display at the Catskill Watershed Corp. office in Margaretville.  The fish displayed is the one from this year's Leaping Trout project which was auctioned off in December.  Lois does beautiful woodland landscapes featuring local streams.
Our painting group, which consists of about 13 women from Olive, took a field trip up to the office to see Lois' paintings.  Afterwards, we had a fun lunch at The Sportsman's Alamo Cantina http://www.alamocantina.com/ in Phoenicia, NY, owned by my former classmate from high school, Mike Ricciardella. Excellent food!