Sunday, November 18, 2012

New name

I know.  I'm restless.  I get bored quickly and have changed the name of this blog 3 times since I started keeping it.  This time I've named it after my old wooden palette that my father bought me in 1968.  It's covered in dried paint and it's hanging on the wall like a Jackson Pollock painting. I keep thinking I should smear it with some paint stripper and get it back to bare wood.  It's hard to use a palette covered in old paint,  because you can't see the new paint you've squeezed out. I labor enough over my color choices and don't need to add that obstacle. 
I wonder how long it will be before I change this title again?  Hmmm.  Maybe it'll be Old Wooden Easel next!

Burns' Red Barn

Old friends asked me to paint their home here in the town of Olive.  They recently had their barn painted a true "barn red".  It made a nice contrast with the evergreens in the back and the lawn which
was still green when I took the photo.  The leaves were still on the apple trees in the front lawn, but I did take some artistic license with them.  They weren't quite this full of foliage.  The trees are old and my friend said he soon will have to cut them down.  I wonder how old they are?
12" x 16"  Oil on canvas