Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mohonk Cliff

I intended to post my progress on the Mohonk glacial cliff painting, but I forgot!  I showed the underpainting and now I'm posting a photo of the finish.  The paint was barely dry when I took it to Olive Day yesterday.  Everyone recognizes those famous gazebos!  Actually, that's the trademark of Mohonk.  If you visit their gift shop you'll see that symbol emblazoned on lots of items as well as little gazebo pendants. Cute!  The following is a quote from Wikipedia.

"Mohonk Lake is a lake at the northern end of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York, U.S.A., about 14 m. N.W. of Poughkeepsie. The lake is a small body of water, picturesquely situated 1,245 ft. above sea level in the towns of Rochester and Marbletown, on Sky Top Mountain (1,542 ft), one of the highest peaks of the Shawangunk Ridge. The highest point of Sky Top lies just east of the south end of the lake; close by, to the west, Eagle Cliff rises to a height of 1,412 ft."

If you've never seen it, you must add this to your bucket list.  Here's their website link.  You. Must. Go!

"12 x 16"
Oil on canvas

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