Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mohonk Cliff

I intended to post my progress on the Mohonk glacial cliff painting, but I forgot!  I showed the underpainting and now I'm posting a photo of the finish.  The paint was barely dry when I took it to Olive Day yesterday.  Everyone recognizes those famous gazebos!  Actually, that's the trademark of Mohonk.  If you visit their gift shop you'll see that symbol emblazoned on lots of items as well as little gazebo pendants. Cute!  The following is a quote from Wikipedia.

"Mohonk Lake is a lake at the northern end of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York, U.S.A., about 14 m. N.W. of Poughkeepsie. The lake is a small body of water, picturesquely situated 1,245 ft. above sea level in the towns of Rochester and Marbletown, on Sky Top Mountain (1,542 ft), one of the highest peaks of the Shawangunk Ridge. The highest point of Sky Top lies just east of the south end of the lake; close by, to the west, Eagle Cliff rises to a height of 1,412 ft."

If you've never seen it, you must add this to your bucket list.  Here's their website link.  You. Must. Go!

"12 x 16"
Oil on canvas

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Olive Day Art Show

Olive Day 2012 has come and gone.  We didn't have one last year, because Irene had ripped up our town and while that Sat. after Labor Day was clear, there was no way an event like Olive Day could be held. Olive Day is a Democratic fundraiser for their party and it's an annual event that started in '75.

 Our art group has had an art show twice before and I volunteered to manage it this time. First I had to get my DH involved, getting the snow fence at our town garage and then erecting it around some trees.

 Then a few raindrops fell not long after my friend, Carol, and I finished hanging the paintings on the snow fence. We took them all down and covered them up with plastic!  I waited an hour and then re-hung them.  We had a lot of lookers and tons of my relatives stopping by which is always great!  My cousins, cousin's kids, second cousins, a bunch of one removed cousins,  parents, brother, nephew and great-nephew all stopped to chat!

The day was spent trying to keep the wind from blowing the fence over and a couple of times the paintings landed on the ground.  A storm was brewing, but we hung in there until 3PM.  I hope I convinced a few new people to join our painting group which starts up on Monday. 

I was pleased to sell one of my paintings, but I would have loved it if a bunch of paintings had sold that belonged to some of my worthy friends.

The McDaniel Road Barn hung in my kitchen for over a year.  It now has a new home in a guest bedroom of the wonderful lady who purchased it!