Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Leaping Trout 2012

I tried to post this photo and write about it at least a month ago.  I have no idea what happened.  I think I closed the window before I was finished and lost the whole thing!  Trying again....

This is my submission for Trout Unlimited's fundraiser "The Leaping Trout Project 2012".  My friends,  Ed & Lois Ostapczuk, asked me if I wanted to paint a fish for this year's display. 

I was given a fish "blank".  That is a fish cut out of aluminum about 3 feet long I think. I didn't measure it.  I primed it with automotive paint and then using my regular oil paints, I did my best interpretation of a rainbow trout. I used a real mounted rainbow trout that my husband caught a long time ago.  I went through our collection of trout books that belonged to his dad, Dick Kahil.  I wanted to paint mine in a realistic style.  After it was dry, I sealed it with a couple coats of retouch varnish. 
Hopefully, whomever buys it will hang it inside.  Although it looks like a sign, it wouldn't do well outside.

All the trout paintings submitted by local artists will be hung all over this general area.  In the fall there will be an auction and they'll be sold with the proceeds going to Trout Unlimited.


  1. I love this! It came out beautiful! :)

  2. It is beautiful! Do you know where it is hanging?

  3. No, I don't know where it's hanging yet. I've seen a bunch of them in local stores, but not mine!

    1. It's hanging at Tiso's restaurant on Rt. 212 in Mt. Tremper. Just down the road from where my in-laws had the lodge and Eddie grew up.