Friday, February 3, 2012

After The Storm

Another, UFO, finished! I started this oil painting more than a year ago. I was working from a photo of my parents' log home after a snow storm. I had to change the composition up a bit since the horses were not in the best spot for a painting. I put down my brush and never finished the scene because I wasn't sure how to approach putting the horses in. In the photo, they were pure silhouettes. So, a couple of weeks ago, I held my breath and popped those two mares in the field without over thinking it! I feel nostalgic towards this painting. The horses are Olive and April. My dad bought Olive for me back in 1970 and April was a Morgan horse my mom raised from the time the horse was one year old.
April died suddenly a little over a year ago. She was 29. I think Olive lived to be almost 40. Two good horses.
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Free Pineapple Wallhanging

A couple years ago, I went on a quilting shop hop with my girlfriends, Jane and MaryAnn. At Flying Geese, a cute quilt shop in Colonie, NY, they gave us a free wallhanging kit. Inside were small pieces of fabric in yellow and green plus a pattern. We had to assemble the patchwork and add our own backgrounds, binding and backing. Well, once I got started, I realized they didn't give us enough of the yellow to complete the pineapple. Okay, it was free, but still!! I threw it into a bin and forgot about it for a long time. Then recently, I decided I MUST finish up these UFOs. (to those of you who do not craft, it's "un-finished-object". I picked up a little more yellow fabric and finished the wallhanging a few days ago. The pineapple is a symbol for welcome, so I have this hanging in my kitchen. Thanks Flying Geese Fabrics! 16" x 26".
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