Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ashokan Dreams Morning

5" x 7"
Oil on panel                                                         SOLD

This painting was done on site or plein air. My friend, Linda Sobel, and I got out early a few mornings this summer and I painted this view of Ashokan Dreams Bed and Breakfast from High Point Mountain Road. When one of my ancestors, Peter Eckert, owned this property, this building was the barn. Mary Margaret McBride had it converted to a home in the 1950s. Today is is the home of a school mate of mine and she uses it as a B & B and a lovely spot for weddings. Sold framed or unframed.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Down Home


12" x 16"
Oil on canvas

First time I've finished a painting done alla prima. That's a method where it's painted wet into wet and not layers like I usually do. Wasn't my intention, but it sort of flew off the brush. I guess that happens when you're really into what you're painting. This landscape was done from memory for the most part. The house fell down years ago and the chicken coop shed on the left isn't there anymore. This was my grandparents' home. I only have two photos of it and neither are any good. I painted this using a painting I did in 1971 as a study. Of course, that one is extremely primitive, but it was all I had to work from. I drove up Whispell Rd the other day and took a photo of this spot. The field is still open and the huge maple tree is magnificent, but sadly, where the old house stood is the remnants of a blue tarp that didn't protect the roof from caving in. This is sad beyond belief, but that's the way it is. I haven't walked on the property in about 30 yrs, but I may one day soon. It belongs to Don Bishop Jr, but since he is an old family friend, I don't think he'd mind. My sister had some info. that my grandmother had written down after she moved out on Nov. 28, 1977. She said it was the Old Hinkley House, or cottage in the vail, as Elwyn Davis called it. He owned the property and allowed my grandparents to live there for as long as they wanted to and paying the taxes were all that he asked. The house was on the verge of falling down before they fixed it up and moved in on April 19th, 1950. When I get a chance, I will post what she wrote about it. This painting will be my brother's birthday gift as requested by my sister-in-law. We both have extremely happy memories of this old farm and the two people who lived there.
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