Wednesday, October 27, 2010


12" x 16"
Oil on board
Not for sale
I've been working on this portrait of my son, Tom, for several months.  The first time I've ever painted on masonite. I thought I finished this painting, but both my sons said the same thing...."it's a combo of the two of us".  So, I had to re-work it.  Tom's hair isn't anything like Jerry's, but I'd given him a full thick head of it and Tom's isn't really like that. Ahem.  He's a little sensitive about that, so I won't say any more. Tom's face is a little swarthy, so I darkened the beard area and the eyes and suddenly it was Tommy and not a morphed version.
This view of him was painted from a photo my cousin, Sue, took at my niece's wedding last year.

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