Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cedar Grove

Last week, my neighbor and I went to Catskill to see Thomas Cole's home, Cedar Grove.  It was fabulous!  There was an exhibition going on featuring the women of the Hudson River School. (through Oct. 31)  In my opinion, they were just as accomplished as the men.  My only complaint about the exhibit is that you can't spend as much time as you want viewing the paintings.  They are in an upstairs room in the house and a guide takes you through the rooms, but there's no one on duty in the room so the guide gives you a few minutes and then takes you back outside.  I like to stare at each painting and take it all in, but even though I did TWO tours of the exhibit, I still didn't have enough time. Oh well.  It's still a great historical site to visit and I recommend it to anyone who
  1. loves art
  2. loves history
  3. loves poetry
  4. loves the environment

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